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Passport Extensions and Emergency Passports

How to apply for a temporary emergency passport and how to get your passport extended.

Passport extensions and temporary emergency passports

Temporary Emergency Passports

The Embassy and the Honorary Consulates in the region can issue temporary emergency passports, however emergency passports are not recognised for entry into South Africa.


If you lose your passport, it must be reported to the local police straight away. A police report or affidavit must be produced when you apply for the temporary emergency passport together with 1 passport application form and 2 passport photos (please find more information about passport photo requirements here), and as much ID as possible.

In order to make it easier for you, you may apply for a normal passport at the same time as you apply for a temporary emergency passport. You can choose where you want to collect it (e.g. in Denmark), and if you apply for both at the same time, you will only pay one fee.

Not all countries accept temporary emergency passports, therefore, always check before coming to the Embassy whether the country you wish to travel to accepts temporary passports. South Africa allows visitors to leave on a temporary emergency passport, but you may not enter on one.


Passport Extensions

A passport contains 32 pages. It is not possible to issue passports with more pages and it is not possible to insert extra pages into a passport.
The Embassy can extend the expiry date of a Danish passport, which has expired within the last three months or will expire shortly. The extension is only granted for the required time and no more than one year. An extension can only be given once.

Please note that as a general rule, you are allowed to leave South Africa on an extended passport, however, as the extension is not machine readable, you may not enter South Africa on an extended passport.

Always check before coming to the Embassy whether the country you wish to travel to accepts extensions of passport validity and how many months they require the passport to be valid from the day of entry.


Applying for an Extension

The process for applying for an extension and the fee is the same as applying for a new passport. You must make an appointment, forward documentation and fill in the application form. Please read more about the procedure for adults and children above 12 years of age and children.