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About us

Whether you are Danish or South African we hope this website can provide you with the information you need about business and living in Denmark and South Africa.

About us

We are 22 employees at the Embassy in Pretoria. Apart from South Africa, we also cover Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, eSwatini, Zambia and Zimbabwe, as well as the Southern African Development Community (SADC) organisation.

The Embassy is a versatile organization which is involved in a wide range of activities. You can get an impression of our work tasks from the text below and click on the various sub-sections on the website, if you want to know more.


Consular Services

The Embassy’s Consular Service issues visas to South African nationals (and other nationals) going to Denmark, and Danish nationals can have their personal documentation (e.g. passport and driver's licence) renewed. Danish tourists in need can ask for assistance at the Consular office.

In cases where we cannot or are not allowed to assist, we redirect you to other authorities that can be of assistance. The consulates in Durban and Cape Town assist the Embassy in this work. Recently, the Embassy has started a process of outsourcing part of the visa application process. Therefore, all visa applications must be handed in to VFS at


Trade Council Services

The Trade Team's objective is to promote Danish trade in South Africa as well as attracting South African investments in Denmark. Via meetings, analyses, reports, partner searches, personal consultation and much more, Danish companies are assisted in entering the South African market or expanding their existing commercial activities. The first contact is always free of charge.

At the Embassy we assist large corporations as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Some we assist with small, ones off assignments and others we assist within framework agreements for longer periods of time.

Our trade advisors have in-depth knowledge of several sectors and can also assist with Global Public Affairs through our extensive political and commercial network.


The Transformation of Bilateral Development Assistance

Denmark's bilateral development assistance to South Africa is being phased out. Obviously all legally binding agreements will be honoured. But new commitments - outside what is already agreed - will not be made.

Over the past decade Danish development assistance to South Africa has amounted to approximately DKK 150 million per year (app. R180 mil.) - including the support for regional activities, the B2B program, and all bilateral development assistance activities, counting the environment, good governance, education, and HIV/AIDS.

A particular focus area has been the Urban Environmental Management Program focusing on environment, renewable energy, and climate change issues.


In the Future Only a Few Programs will Continue

For many years, Denmark has supported renowned South African think-tanks in their work on peace and security and democracy issues in the Southern African region and the continent as a whole. The cooperation is expected to continue in the immediate future with a view to supporting capacity building, training, and progress in the area of peace and security and further democratisation in the region, as well as supporting the regional integration agenda, not least in the economic area.

Furthermore, Denmark is also currently working with the South African Department of Higher Education and Vocational Training in supporting the FET colleges (Further Education and Training) in supporting and strengthening the employment opportunities of the candidates. The programme is expected to reach its conclusion in 2013. In addition to above projects, Denmark will continue to engage actively in dialogue with the South African Government on strategic issues and cooperation.


Regional Activities

On regional activities, Denmark will work closely with South African partners (both government and civil society) on projects in the region, and thereby further build on the good relationship that Denmark and South Africa has enjoyed in development cooperation since 1994.

Denmark is actively supporting South African think tanks and institutes in promoting an enhanced African capacity to effectively promote peace and security and democratisation as well as strengthening regional capacities relating to economic integration in line with regional priorities and agendas.

The aim of the support is to further inform policy formulation and decision-making as well as provide strengthened capacity on the issues of peace, security, democratisation and regional economic integration. Research and Cultural Activities

At the Embassy we will try to establish and develop partnerships between Danish and South African research institutions and cultural organisations. The Embassy will not be responsible for - and is not able to fund such projects - but we will do our best to facilitate that contacts are made which can develop into cooperation for mutual benefit.