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Passport for adults

How and where to submit your passport application - Step by step procedure

Passports adults

Biometric Passport

Danish passports for adults and children of 12 years and above are biometric. This means that biometric data such as fingerprints must be collected with the adequate equipment at an embassy. Therefore, persons of 12 years and above cannot apply for a Danish passport at an honorary consulate in South Africa or in the region. Only an embassy or Borgerservice in Denmark can take in these passport applications.

Applications must always be submitted in person (regardless of age) at the embassy.



Please note that before coming to the Embassy, you need to make an appointment. This can be done by sending us an e-mail

In order for us to make sure that we are able to issue a passport, we may ask to see some/all of the following documents prior to your appointment.

All documents are mandatory if you are applying for the first time or your latest passport expired more than 2 years ago:

  • Copy of current passport and – if you have - residence ID
  • Certificate of Danish nationality (Statsborgerret or Indfødsretsbevis)*
  • Danish birth certificate. If you have a South African birth certificate, this must be unabridged and apostilled/legalised by DIRCO or a high court in South Africa.
  • One completed application form

*) Required if you are born outside of Denmark

The above documents can be send in hard copy via courier or handed in in person.

Please note that if you chose to send the documents via email to it will be via an unencrypted connection.

On the day of the appointment

Please bring all the below documents in original.

  1. One application form per person, completed. Signatures must be done one more time at the Embassy.  Download application form here
  2. Your current passport. The Passport Office does not need to keep your passport while your application is being processed, you may use it for travel until your new passport arrives.
  3. Certificate of Danish nationality. If you are born outside of Denmark or if Danish citizenship has been recovered after September 1, 2015.
  4. Fee.  Proof of Bank transfer (EFT) or card payment only. No cash accepted.
  5. A recent passport photo in colour.  See the requirements > here


Collection of Passport

Processing time for passports is approximately 2 weeks - and 3 weeks during peak periods.

If you cannot pick-up your new passport at the embassy, you may arrange for a courier to collect it for you. You will need to issue the courier company with a written consent letter stating that you give them permission to collect the passport on your behalf.

However, please note that before we can hand out the new passport, we need to cancel your old passport in our system as well as punch holes in the data page.

This means that you will have to bring the old passport with you when you collect the new. If you have hired a courier to collect your passport for you, the courier must bring the old passport when collecting the new on your behalf.