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Residence permit

Study, work and au pair permits - how to apply - a simple 3-step application procedure

Residence Permits

Step 1 - Gather information

Gather relevant information and application forms from Complete the user friendly application forms and remember to attach all supplementary documentation which is requested on the application form.


Step 2 - Pay the application fee

The total application fee consist of two different fees + a VFS processing fee:

An application fee to the Danish Immigration Service/SIRI + A submission fee to the Embassy + processing fee to VFS = Total fee.

Please note that the application fee must be paid directly to the Danish Immigration Service/SIRI in Copenhagen before submitting your application to the Embassy.
The payment procedure is explained in the applications forms.

The submission fee to the Embassy must be paid online:

The VFS fee must be paid by debit or credit card at VFS.


Step 3 - Submit your application and do biometrics

When you have applied online, paid the application fee and received your case order-ID, you can submit your application to the Embassy of Denmark in Pretoria via one of our VFS offices.

You must appear in person at VFS when you submit your application. Personal appearance is required in order to capture your fingerprints, photo and signature electronically for the residence card.

Please note that you will have to make an appointment for submitting your application and doing the biometric recording at VFS. This can be done online or by calling VFS

Documents to submit

Please submit the below documents when you go to VFS to do your biometrics:

  • Relevant application form - completed and signed
  • Payment receipt containing your case order-ID from the SIRI/ the Danish Immigration Ministry
  • Payment receipt for the Embassy fee paid online
  • Original as well as a full 32 page A4 colour copy incl. cover of your passport
  • The required supporting documents for the type of permit you are applying for


Decision and interview

Your application will be processed by the Danish Immigration Service/SIRI.

Some times, the Immigration Service/SIRI asks the Embassy to conduct an additional interview with an applicant. If this is the case with your application, we will contact you to make an appointment. The interview always takes place at the Embassy's premises in Pretoria, therefore, if you do not live in South Africa you must be prepared to travel.

The Embassy cannot track the decision process, but we will inform the applicant once a decision has been made. If your application is successful, you must submit your passport to VFS or the Embassy (if your haven't already). The Embassy will then issue your visa.