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Second passport

How to apply and what documents to submit for a second passport valid for 2 years

Second passport


People travelling extensively often need a second passport in order to be able to travel while applying for a visa for their next trip. Visas also take up a lot of pages in passports making them run out of pages very quickly.


The application process for a passport valid for 2 years is completely the same as applying for an ordinary passport valid for 10 years. (Please check out the procedure and required steps here.)

The only difference is that you must also submit a motivation letter from your employer stating why you need a second passport.

The Embassy must receive this letter prior to your appointment so that we can forward it to the police in Denmark. They are the ones who give permission for the issurance of a second passport.

Please note that even though you have been granted the right to apply for a second passport once, you are still required to submit a new motivation letter for approval from the Danish police, when you want to renew it.