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Change of name

Have you changed your surname? - this is how you change it in the passport

name change

Should you have gotten married, divorced or just changed your name for other reasons since the issuance of your previous passport, and now wish to have the new passport issued in a different surname, please note that you will need to bring proof that the surname has been changed.

  • If you are a Danish citizen who resides temporarily in South Africa and would like to change your name due to marriage, divorce etc. you must contact the local civil registry (Folkeregistret, Borgerservice)  in Denmark where you last resided or still reside.
  • If you are a permanent resident of South Africa, you will need to change your surname with the South African authorities first, and then forward the proof to Borgerservice (Folkeregistret) in Denmark, who will make sure that the change will be entered into the Danish CPR-registry.

Please note that the Embassy is not able to change surnames on the system. Your passport will be issued with the name that is currently registered in the Danish CPR-registry.

You can read more about name change here > (in Danish)