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Getting Married in DK and SA


For information about marriage in Denmark and abroad, please see this link to the Danish authorities > Marriage or go to for further information and online self-service.

If you would like to get married in Copenhagen, you can find more information on procedures and required documentation here >


Marriage in South Africa

According to the information obtained by the Embassy the following documents should be presented to the South African authorities if a Danish Citizen wishes to get married in South Africa to a South African citizen or if two Danish citizens wish to get married:


  1. Passport and ID. The Danish partner must present a passport while the South African partner must present ID and in certain circumstances passport. Furthermore you must present a valid residence permit or a tourist visa valid on the wedding day. 
  2. Proof from both partners that they are not married, i.e. proof from the respective Home Affairs that the person is registered as ‘unmarried’ in the national register.
  3. Copy of prenuptial agreement and registration certificate must be presented if the marriage is out of community of property. Marriage in South Africa is automatically registered as being in community of property if otherwise not stated before the ceremony. 
  4. If applicable, birth certificate. Home Affairs does not require a birth certificate but the Embassy recommends that you have a certified copy as different priests in South Africa have different requirements. 
  5. If applicable, divorce decree. In cases where there is an obligation to child support or alimony towards the previous spouse this must be presented. 
  6. If applicable, death certificate from the previous spouse which must be certified by the National Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) 
  7. If applicable, written consent from both parents if one or both of the parties are under age. Only exceptions are cases where one of the parents has the sole custody of the under aged after the divorce.


The documents mentioned in point 2 to 6 must be translated into English by a sworn translator if they are issued in Danish.
Subsequently all the documents (both the Danish and the translations) must be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen.

To ease the required procedure it is recommended to contact the relevant Home Affairs office, found in all major cities, to schedule the day of marriage. Hereafter you will be asked to produce the relevant documents for the ceremony.


In case one part is a South African citizen the South African Home Affairs should be contacted beforehand with a request to finalize the ID document (see point 1) in order to avoid any delays.


When two Danish citizens are getting married in South Africa the woman has to state whether she wants to keep her own surname or wishes to take the surname of her spouse. Furthermore there must be at least 2 witnesses present.

After getting married in South Africa an “abridged marriage certificate” is issued. This has to be submitted to Home Affairs, so that they may issue an “unabridged marriage certificate” to use for registration of the marriage outside of South Africa.


Please note that it can take approximately 6 months at the moment to obtain the 'unabridged marriage certificate'.


  • More information on how to get married in South Africa can be found here