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Robbery and Theft

If you have lost your money and papers the embassy can help you if you have a police report.

Robbery and Theft

Take care of your money

If you lose your credit card or money and you can’t arrange a regular bank transfer the embassy can help you with a money transfer. However, only if there is somebody in Denmark who is willing to vouch for you.


It can be your family, friends, your bank, insurance company or employer, who must pay in the amount you need to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. Once the embassy receives a confirmation of the money transfer from the Foreign Ministry you will get the money paid out in the local currency.

The embassy can also process a money transfer without the intervention of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It requires a fax or mail with a guarantee from a Danish financial institution promising the repayment of the paid out amount and fees directly to the embassy.

Watch your papers

If you lose your danish passport the embassy or the nearset consulate can issue an emergency danish passport. Remember to bring a copy of your passport.

Please note that the provisionary passport is a time limited travel document. There is not the same degree of assurance that it will be recognized by foreign authorities, which is the case with a regular passport. The temporary Danish passport is above all issued to make a return to Denmark possible. The South African authorities recognizes the Danish Emergency Passport.

Police report and receipt

Have your passport, plane ticket or travel insurance got stolen or lost, remember to report the theft to the local police station and remember to get a receipt from the police. The embassy and your insurance company require the police report.

Danish credit cards can cancelled at PBS (Pengeinstitutternes betalings service) on phone +45 4489 2929 (24/7) or via your bank.