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Contingency Plan

This is a guide for Danes in South Africa in case of an emergency situation

 Contingency plan

Little risk of a major crisis

It is estimated that around 2500 Danes are residing in South Africa. At any given time only around 250 residents are registered on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ list of Danes in South Africa. The majority of Danes live in the Gauteng-area and the Cape Town-area. Added to this is a considerable amount of Danish tourists (Source: South African Tourism 2006).

It is highly unlikely that there is near future would arise a situation in which evacuation of Danish citizens would be necessary as a result of social unrest, breakout of an epidemic or civil war-like situations.

The Embassy’s contingency planning is therefore especially pointed towards the effective handling of major traffic accidents in South Africa. The most probable major case is therefore estimated to be an accident which would include a bus full of Danish tourists.

The ‘List of Danes’ (Danskerlisten) is for your benefit


The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designed an App which assists the Danish Embassies around the world in keeping track of Danish citizens who have registered to Danskerlisten. The App keeps track of Danes with both permanent and temporary residence in South Africa, as well as tourists visiting for a short time.

Registering for Danskerlisten via the App is voluntary, but the Embassy recommends that all Danes – especially those residing in South Africa for a longer period of time – register themselves.

You can get more information as well as register by downloading the App "Rejseklar" here.

Precautionary measures in case of an emergency situation

In a case of emergency, for example following a natural disaster or regional riots, it is usually best to stay at home, keep calm and follow the news on the radio/TV/internet.

All Danes are advised to always have a valid passport, and that it and other identity documents are easily accessible.
The Embassy will, in so far as possible, communicate through emails and sms. It is therefore vital that this information is always updated.



In extremely rare cases of emergency, it can become necessary to evacuate Danish citizens. Such action will be arranged by the Embassy and the relevant authorities in Denmark, possibly together with the cooperation of other Nordic Embassies or EU Embassies. The exact circumstances will determine the most suitable method of evacuation.

The Embassy will seek to inform all registered Danes of gathering point, time and date. The final decision of whether to participate in the evacuation will always rest on the individual self, unless the Danish authorities decide otherwise. All participants would need to sign a statement of repayment to declare willingness to cover the expenses with regards to the evacuation.

It is emphasised that the Embassy can only advise the individual Dane on actions in possible cases of emergency and evacuations and therefore does not set any binding regulations.