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AUW invitation 2019

14-16 May 2019 Cape Town, South Africa.

Come experience the African Business Revolution first hand and be part of the biggest ever promotion of Nordic energy and water solutions on the continent of Africa. The Nordic Council, The Nordic Embassies, Trade Missions and The Confederation of Danish Industry are pleased to invite you to Cape Town. The Nordic Energy Days will feature Danish and Nordic Exhibition Pavilions and a dedicated Nordic inspired conference track integrated with The African Utility Week (AUW) 2019, the leading Conference and Exhibition for the entire energy and water value chain on the African continent.

McKinsey & Co. refers to Africa as an “Overlooked Business Revolution” and this narrative backed by facts, stats and mega-trends points to a Continent poised for exponential growth for decades to come and NOW as the time to get in.

South Africa is not only at forefront of a major energy and water sector transition but also remains the most well-developed country on the continent and the logical point of departure for your African business strategy.


The South African Government has made sustainable energy transition and emission reductions national priorities while the water sector is coming to grips with an investment backlog to the tune of billions of dollars driven by ever-increasing demand for clean water and sanitation. 


The renewed concern for nationwide power cuts and the recent water crisis that struck South Africa, and especially Cape Town, has also increased political awareness and willingness to invest in long-term, sustainable solutions across energy, water and urban infrastructure.


The Nordic Utility Model and its ongoing, sustainable transition has a strong value proposition that resonates well with the current African reality. Even more so, when looking into the future, where massive socio-economic growth in Africa will be underpinned by sustainable energy and water systems, providing quantum leaps forward similar to what Africa already is experiencing in other key sectors such as telecommunication and mobile banking.


Therefore, the Royal Danish Embassy in Pretoria and The Confederation of Danish Industry and our Nordic Partners are pleased to invite you to join us for the Nordic Energy Days at AUW and not least to showcase your energy and water solutions at the Danish Pavilion.


The Nordic Energy Days is the theme for a unique conference track forming part of the official AUW conference and your company may also get an opportunity to be represented there.


At the well-attended AUW exhibition floor, the Danish and Nordic pavilions will showcase innovation and key competencies within the entire utility value chain.


AUW is the leading conference and trade exhibition for African energy, power and water professionals. AUW attracts African utilities from the continent and   more than 7,000 decision makers from all over the world attending AUW, thereby making it the largest energy/power/water exhibition in Africa.