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What you should know

Market barrieres and special precautions when approaching the South African market

Regulations and rewards

The Trade Council advices you to pay attention to the country-specific conditions that characterise the South African market

In order to redress South Africa‚Äôs apartheid past, the B-BBEE legislation was adopted in 2003. Its objective is to advance the economic transformation through the increased economic participation of black people in the South African economy. Despite the measures taken over the past years, the B-BBEE legislation has not yet sufficiently transformed the South African economy. The policies are therefore currently being reviewed, which might bring forth changes in the near future. It is important for Danish companies intending to enter the South African market to be aware of the B-BBEE legislation and its effect within the South African business environment. Therefore, the Trade Council at the Embassy follows any developments pertaining to B-BBEE closely and assists Danish companies in understanding and evaluating when B-BBEE compliance should be sought.

LCR - Local Content Requirements
When approaching public tenders in South Africa, certain sectors contains requirements towards the adherence to local production measures. LCR means that the state and state-owned businesses are only allowed to accept proposals, which are rooted in national produced goods, services and labour.

We encourage you to contact us, should you be interested in knowingmore about LCR.

Market barriers

A new feature - "anmeld handelsbarrierer" - has been added to the website of the Trade Council. On the site, Danish companies may report and register barriers facing Danish goods, services and investments in export markets outside of the EU.

Use of the facility is free of charge. The Embassy can assist in registering barriers if so desired. The barriers registered should obviously be barriers in the South African market. The Embassy can further assist - as in accordance to the normal TC fee structure - in solving concrete trade barriers for Danish companies if so requested.
You can report a trade barrier online by clicking here.

The facility only exists in Danish at the moment. An English version will follow.
If you have any questions, you are most welcome to contact the Embassy's Trade Department.  

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