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Danish-South African Relations

Denmark and South Africa are close partners. Denmark and Danes supported in many different ways South Africans during the struggle for freedom and democracy during apartheid.

Since the new South Africa was born, Denmark has provided comprehensive bilateral development assistance to South Africa starting 1995. The bilateral development assistance to South Africa has since 2007 been gradually phased-out. However, Denmark still has smaller strategic programmes in South Africa, for instance on renewable energy, and a regional programme on peace and security.

Today, the new partnership between Denmark and South Africa is developing with an increased emphasis on political cooperation and commercial relations.

On the following pages you can read more about the current Danish support and the history of Danish development assistance to South Africa, including Danish Business-to-Business projects in South Africa. You can also find the document “Partnership for the Future” that sets out the framework for the new partnership between South Africa and Denmark. And you can find information about the "Danish Growth Market Strategy" for strengthening commercial cooperation and trade relations with South Africa.

Denmark - South Africa - Partnership for the future Growth Market Strategy South Africa

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