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Travelling with Minors


Travelling with minors

South African passport for minors (under 16) are accepted for visas. However, in order for the minor to legally enter Denmark on the mentioned passport, the applicant will have to sign on the visa page upon collecting. Therefore, all minors between the age of 5 and 16, who DO NOT have their signature in their passport will have to collect their visas personally at the VFS Centre in order to sign on the sticker.

Parents travelling alone with a child/children
When a parent or guardian is travelling with a child below 18 years of age, there are special rules for the kind of documentation which must be submitted.

In addition to an unabridged and certified birth certificate of the minor, a parent travelling alone with the minor must also submit a certified marriage certificate, copy of the spouse's passport/ID as well as a certified consent form, signed by the parent staying home.

A single/divorced parent must furthermore submit a court order documenting that he/she has sole custody. If the divorced parents share costody, the parent not travelling must still sign the consent form allowing the child to travel.

If one parent is deceased, proof in the form of a death certificate must be submitted with the application and the above mentioned documents.

The Embassy will always call the parent staying home to confirm, even though he/she has already signed the consent form permitting the child to travel.

Submission to the Danish Immigration Service
The Embassy is obliged to submit all cases in which one parent (sharing custody) or a guardian is travelling alone with a minor.

In these instances, processing time of the visa can take up to 30-60 days.

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