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Document checklist & invitation forms


Important Requirements
The following applies to all applicants:

  • All documents sumbitted must not be older than 1 month and must be in English or Danish.
  • If you are not a South-African national, you must be staying legally in South Africa at the time of application. If you have a SA residence permit, it must be valid 3 months after your return from the Schengen area.
  • Written parental consent is always required for minors if they are travelling alone or with one parent only.

It is mandatory for all visa applicants to apply for a visa to Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland online, using the platform


The Embassy has created an easy to follow checklist in order to make the gathering of documents easier for the applicants. The checklist specifies what supporting documentation is required for your visa application, whether you are travelling for business, tourism or cultural purposes, or visiting family and friends.
The checklist must always be submitted when you apply for a visa to Denmark, Iceland, Greenland or the Faroe Islands.


Invitation forms
No matter which purpose you have for travelling to Denmark/the Schengen area, it is always advisabale to submit an invitation from your host, as this will ease the processing of your application.

The host can either fill in an online form, which reference number, you must include in the application. Alternatively, the host can fill in and sign a paper form, which you can submit.


Embassy of Denmark

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GDPR Compliance
How we process Personal Information when you apply for a visa or host a visa applicant.