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Dual Citizenship

Before and after September 2015

Dual Nationality

The Dual Citizen Act

1st September, 2015, the bill amending the Danish Nationality Act came into force. The bill allows for full access to dual and multiple nationalities. Information about the new Act is available in > here (in Danish).

With this law, Danish citizens living in abroad can acquire a foreign citizenship without losing their Danish citizenship. According to the Danish Ministry of Justice, you no longer need to notify the Danish authorities if you acquire a foreign citizenship.

However, this also means that Danish citizens who acquired an additional citizenship, e.g. South Africa, prior to 1st September 2015, have lost their Danish citizenship.

Until 31st August 2020 former Danish nationals wishing to reacquire Danish nationality were able to do so by applying for re-acqusition.
This is no longer possible.


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