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Tourist and Business Visa

If you are a South African citizen and wish to travel to Denmark for 90 days or less, you need a visa no matter whether you want to go for business, tourism, cultural reasons or just to visit family and friends.

schengen area

When you apply for a visa, you must submit specific documents and have your biometrics recoded.

In this section, you can lean all about where to submit your visa application, what documents to include, how much the visa fee is, and how long it takes for the Embassy to process your visa.

You will also find links to the Schengen application form, a guide on how to fill in the form, different types of invitation forms as well as an easy checklist for documents.

from 1st July all applicants should submit their applications online using the new application platform

This is how you apply prior to 1st of July and this is how you apply after 1st of July

 If your company would like to apply for the Red Carpet Programme, which simplifies the visa application process for business people travelling frequently to Denmark, you will also be able to find information on how to enrol in this business visa fast track programme.

Embassy of Denmark

iParioli Office Park, Block B2
1166 Park Street
Hatfield 0083

Phone +27 (0) 12 430 9340
Online Visa Application


New Online Visa Application Process
From 1st July all visa applicants should submit their visa applications for Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands using the online platform

GDPR Compliance
How we process Personal Information when you apply for a visa or host a visa applicant.