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What the Trade Council Offers

If your business is considering moving into South Africa and the Southern African markets, you can get professional assistance from the Trade Council’s advisors. It will give you a solid basis for making important decisions and ensure that you are well prepared for entering the Southern African markets.



Who we are

The Trade Council at the Embassy of Denmark is assisting approximately 90 Danish companies per year, either entering or expanding their activities in the Southern African market.

The Embassy in Pretoria is also accredited to Angola, Botswana, eSwatini, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, and the Trade Council therefore also covers these regional markets. South Africa is in many ways the port of entry to other markets in Southern Africa.

Some of the main services we deliver are:
• Market surveys
• Partner searches
• Marketing advising
• Incubator facilities
• Tariff advising
• Company registrations
• B-BBEE legislation
• Financial advising
• Network facilitation
• Workshops and focus groups

Meetings and the first service provided to Danish companies are free of charge if less than 1 hour spent – so come and see us, or send us an email.

The standard hourly rate is DKK 955 as per the general business conditions of the Trade Council.

When operating on the South African market, special focus needs to be directed towards the specific nature of the labour market (B-BBEE legislation) as well as keeping an eye open for financing opportunities. The Embassy has taken the appropriate measures in order to cover our customers' interests in the best way possible. We invite you to look further into these issues below.

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Subsidies for SMEs – Export Start Programme

The Export Start Programme

Through the Export Start Programme, small and medium-sized Danish companies can receive counselling-support from the Trade Council’s advisors, present in the export markets.

Export Start Growth
In South Africa, an Export Start Package consists of 50 hours of counselling. If approved for the Export Start Package, 35 % of the regular hourly rate of DKK 935 is subsidised. Additional hours may be purchased at the regular rate per hour. A company is eligible to recieve up to 6 packages in total, either to one market or several markets.

The company must have
• Fewer than 100 employees
• An annual turnover of less than DKK 150 million


A total subsidy of 35% will be given when approaching the South African market. The Trade Council logs time spent on all assignments continuously. This allows us - and you as a customer - to monitor time consumption closely as the work progresses.

If a lower number of hours are required than originally expected, or if a higher number of hours could be beneficial to ensure the desired outcome, we will inform you immediately to discuss a possible re-allocation of hours.

How to apply
The application form for the Trade Council’s Export Start Programme can be found at under Eksportstart. See more on how to apply at Eksportrådet.

You can also contact the Trade Council directly at +27 (012) 430-9340, or by e-mail at


Since the end of apartheid, B-BBEE policies have been adopted by the South African government, aiming at promoting economic transformation in order to enable meaningful participation of black people in the economy. There are therefore a number of precautions one must make before entering the South African market. However, provided the right formula, B-BBEE can also be a powerful and rewarding business tool.


It is important for Danish companies intending to enter the South African market to be aware of the B-BBEE (Broad-Based-Black-Economic Empowerment) legislation and take into consideration when the B-BBEE score of a company is relevant. The B-BBEE score is one of the determining factors for all public – and some semi-public procurement and therefore companies need to look at this factor in the start-up phase.

Should you be in need of advice on what B-BBEE means for your business, we encourage you to contact the Trade Council. We can assist with B-BBEE legislation and various consultancy assignments.

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