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First online information portal for South Africa wind power launched

12.03.2013  10:22

Powered by wind

South Africa’s first online resource for wind power, Powered by Wind, has been launched by the South African Department of Energy in partnership with the Embassy of Denmark in South Africa.

Powered by Wind ( is a backbone of the South African Wind Energy Awareness Campaign which provides an easily accessible online information portal for all the South African target groups including: Government; Business; Local Communities; Primary School Children - particularly Grades 5-7; and NGOs. It features dedicated General, Learner and Educator sub-portals, each with its own tailored tag

Speaking of the importance of the Wind project, Minister Peters, says: “we trust that the information we have brought to our learners, communities within the immediate vicinity of the wind energy projects, and our partners in the wind energy sector, will inspire everyone to want to learn more about wind energy and to work together with government to take this sector to greater heights for the sustainable development of our nation.”

The Danish Ambassador René Dinesen further comments “With the Powered by Wind website we are taking the SA Wind Energy Awareness Campaign to a new phase, creating a digital resipository for all things about wind power.  It is an important achievement for South Africa’s renewable energy efforts as it provides various target groups with current and contextual information on wind power

Furthermore, with dedicated portals for both educators and learners we are – at an early age - instilling the importance of renewable energy  in the world’s efforts to diversify our energy sources” Ambassador Dinesen adds.

Mr WindBoth the Learner and Educator portals offer e-book learning, quizzes, FAQs and various other interesting facts around wind power that are particularly useful for our target market of Grades 5 -7 learners as well as their educators . Furthermore, a lesson plan has been developed for educators to aid them when conducting lessons about wind power which forms part of the school curriculum. 

The General portal is aimed at South African businesses, NGOs, Government Departments; and developers. It contains more high-level information on SA’s wind power posture while also dispelling common misperceptions and myths.

Information on wind power has become critical to access following amongst others the implementation of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers programme. Through the REIPP some provinces such as the Western and Eastern Cape will see the construction of multiple sites for wind power projects , hence the need to ensure the development of a factual database for wind energy projects.

All the information is easy to read, extract and download.  Additionally, Powered by Wind is accessible via the SA Wind Energy Awareness campaign’s smart tagging digital arm which essentially allows people to scan a simple tag code/bar code via their smart phones (cellphone with a camera and Internet access). 

At the helm of the wind energy awareness campaign are two uniquely created characters which were officially launched at COP17 in Durban during December 2011. Known as Mr Wind and Mrs Coal, the two mascots have endeared themselves to all who have seen them, in the DVD as well as all other material associated with the campaign.

Through the dialogue of the two characters, the campaign is able to easily  demonstrate to all target groups  how wind and coal are energy sources that can work together to create sustainable energy for current and future generations. 

Please visit for more information and to become part of this exciting phase in South Africa’s renewable energy efforts.


How to use smart tagging:

1. Go to your smart phone web browser (Safari, Explorer, Opera , Google etc)
2. Type in http://gettag.mobismart tag
3. Click on the free tag reader application specific to your phone and download
Some phone browsers will take you directly to your application store and the tag reader where you can then download
4. Once the tag reader application has been installed, open it
5. Then take a photo of the tag code with your tag reader
6. Your downloaded tag reader will then open the information/video associated with the code

For more information about the Wind Energy Awareness Campaign, contact Programme Coordinator for Renewable Energy, Jacques Pretorius (

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