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Danish and South African School Children Rethink their Neighbourhoods

Art childrenAround one thousand 10-12 year old school children in Denmark, St. Petersburg/Russia, Cape Town/South Africa and Rio de Janeiro/Brazil have collaborated with local and international artists and teachers on creating music, drama, art works, murals, design and architecture models depicting their hopes for the future of their ‘hoods’.

In Copenhagen, students at the multicultural Peder Lykke School are working with designer Nild Regout and architect Julie Dufour Wiese on reimagining sustainable design solutions for the nearby beach area – producing models of the future in cardboard and an exhibition. Meanwhile, students at two schools in Ishøj south of Copenhagen are working with artists Marcela Lucatelli and Marluze da Cruz on a musical dance performance which shares the children’s interpretation of a future ‘Cradle to Cradle’ sustainable community which will be performed at Arken Museum of Contemporary Art.

In Cape Town, the children in Grade 5 from Parkfields Primary completed a beautiful painting on a 22 metre wall in the school courtyard. This has been a project involving the teachers and students from Parkfields as well as the work of community artists and the teachers of the Frank Joubert Art Centre. The entire court-yard which was once very grey will be transformed not only with 2 murals flanking each side but also a two-storied mural across the north entrance of the court-yard. The images and words in the mural speak to the values and ethos of the school and the kind of learning environment that the principal and teachers strive for at this school. The school is based in an area where children have to cope with serious social challenges and arts and creativity can play a positive role.

The CICLO project will culminate in UNESCO’s Arts Education Week May 19. - 23. This will be celebrated with performances, concerts, workshops and presentations of the various projects made by the participating schools and local and international artists in all of the four countries.

Read more about the project here.

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