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Fact finding mission in Botswana

We assisted the Danish company ‘Alpha Projects & Logistics’ on finding the most feasible location for establishing a subsidiary in the Sothern African region.

Alpha Projects & Logistics had previously received the assistance of the Danish Embassy in Dubai with great success, and therefore had no doubts about using the services of the Trade Council again.

Upon receiving the market report we created, the company decided to have a closer look at Botswana.  As part of the assignment, we therefore accompanied Alpha Projects & Logistics on a fact finding mission in Botswana, to meet with various stakeholders and see the sights in person. 

Watch the highlights of the fact finding mission in this short and entertaining video:

From left: Nils Robenhagen (Head of Trade at the Danish Embassy in Pretoria), Peer Rommelhoff (CEO of Alpha P&L), Susan Petersen (Manager of Dubai Division, Alpha P&L) and Anthony Sefako (Botswana Investment & Trade Center) in front of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Botswana.