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P4G Copenhagen Summit 2018

19-20 October 2018, Denmark gathered Heads of States and Government, leaders of international organisations, businesses, academia, and the civil society at the first global P4G Summit to form a powerful coalition for sustainable growth through innovative partnerships.

P4G aims to accelerate the sustainable transition by bringing together business, public sector and civil society in partnerships leading to smart solutions. P4G provides facilitation, funding support and valuable recognition to bring innovative partnerships to life and to scale. By bringing the parties closer together, existing barriers for green growth can be broken down and challenges transformed into opportunities for a new, sustainable economy.

P4G contributes to the Sustainable Development Goal 17 and particularly focuses on partnerships within SDG’s related to the sectors food and agriculture, energy, water, cities and circular economy. These areas are the driving forces of the global economy and can catalyze the sustainable transition in the whole of society.

The P4G Summit will be held biannually to scale partnerships and create political attention about the need for partnerships to reach the SDGs. Partner countries take turns hosting the summit.

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