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Vestas expected to deliver wind turbines for new REI4P projects

20.04.2015  10:09
Danish wind company Vestas likely to assist in the delivery of new wind turbines in South African totalling a capacity of 245 megawatt

During the fourth and most recent bidding round of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REI4P), contracts on renewable energy projects totalling a capacity of 1,12 gigawatts were signed, including 676 megawatts of wind energy.

The Italian company Enel Green Power won the licences for three projects of a combined 425 megawatt. Enel cooperates closely with the Danish wind energy company Vestas, and it is expected that Vestas will assist in the delivery of wind turbines for Enel’s projects. Vestas has been active on the South African market for more than ten years and has provided wind turbines for numerous wind farms. The Danish wind-energy company has traditionally been allocated a significant lot of South African market for renewables obtaining more than one-third of the previous (RE)IPP bidding rounds. The wind-sector is furthermore contributing to South African job creation and accumulation of skills as 19, 414 jobs have been created since 2011 in the wind industry as a result of these designated rounds.

Denmark and the Embassy have been active promoters of wind energy in South Africa for many years. Danish wind consultants have provided expertise on wind energy legislation, connecting wind energy to the energy grid, and the first phase of developing a South African Wind Atlas. In 2013, Denmark and South Africa worked together on the Wind Energy Awareness Campaign, which you may read more about here.


Source: Børsen 16 April

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