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ComBigaS kickstarts Danish biogas adventure in South Africa

17.08.2015  09:22
In April this year, Danish company ComBiGas in cooperation with local Bosch Projects finished building its Bio2Watt project, the biggest biogas plant in South Africa, producing 4.4 MW.


Located close to a cattle feedlot, the plant will mainly use manure from cattle and sheep running to approximately 140 tons per day and about 160 tons per day of other organic material. The plant is situated 60 km east of the administrative capital Pretoria and provides electricity to the South African BMW Rosslyn Plant situated nearby - covering approximately 25% of the company’s electricity needs. The plant is the first commercial biogas plant in South Africa and the first of its kind in Africa.

Green energy is gaining grounds on the energy agenda in South Africa. South Africa has set ambitious environmental goals such as reducing the country's carbon emissions with 42 % by 2025. Biogas seems like an obvious solution because of the high number of farms in South Africa, where gas that would otherwise be wasted is utilised. Furthermore it effectively makes use of waste and pollution of nitrogen. Other benefits of biogas include the high creation of jobs, empowering the population of South Africa, and the production of natural fertiliser.

Bosch Projects was adjudged the winner amongst 9 other finalist projects in the category ZAR50 to ZAR250 million. This was submitted for the annual Consulting Engineers South Africa AON Engineering Excellence Awards, which was held in august 2015 in Johannesburg. This is a prestigious recognition of “cutting-edge” engineering by the Consulting Engineering community in South Africa.


Should you require more information on either the project or the general biogas sector in South Africa, please contact:

Combigas: Klaus Høgh, CEO ComBigaS at (
Embassy: Energy responsible Jimmy Sell (

Embassy of Denmark

iParioli Office Park, Block B2
1166 Park Street
Hatfield 0083

Phone +27 (0) 12 430 9340

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