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Danish IT Cooling with Groundwater Can Become New Export Adventure

25.05.2015  15:41

Recently, Interxion started using a unique groundwater system for cooling its data centre in Ballerup of 3,500 square metres. The solution, developed by the consultancy firm Geo in collaboration with Grundfos, can become the starting signal for a new, Danish export adventure in green technology.

The solution is unique, because for the first time, it has been a success making a groundwater cooling system based on plug and play technology, that can easily be integrated into the existing cooling systems. The solution was inaugurated 7 May by the Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen, who states:

“The new groundwater cooling system shows that in Denmark we are at the global forefront regarding sustainable and energy efficient solutions. Both data centres and cooling technology are sectors developing rapidly with a huge international growth potential. And I have no doubts that the innovative solution, which Geo, Grundfos and Interxion have created together, will pave the way for more international investments and even greater export of green, Danish technology.” Read more

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