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A Decade of Development

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PublisherEmbassy of DenmarkA decade of Development
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Denmark has been providing development assistance to South Africa since 1995, and for many years before that financial support was given to non-state actors affected by apartheid. Denmark has a long history of supporting South Africa. During the struggle against apartheid from 1963 to 1994, the Danish Government supported the victims of apartheid with 975 million DKK. Among many were areas supporting education of the underprivileged black population, environmental management, good governance and democracy building as well as general human rights empowerment
The Danish development aid to South Africa has been gradually phased out and there will be no new projects initiated. The total value of of assistance provided from 1995-2010 was approximately DKK 2,5 Billion (Equal to around R3,25 Billion). Assistance has focused on supporting the ongoing democratic and economic development in South Africa.

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