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Growth Market Strategy for South Africa

The Danish Government has recently launched its Growth Market Strategy for South Africa. This places South Africa among the 10 top priority markets for Denmark. Besides South Africa, the list of prioritised countries encompasses Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico. It is expected that more than 60% of future global growth will come from these 10 emerging markets.

The overall target is to increase the export of goods to South Africa with 50% over the next five years.

The Danish Government will strengthen relations with decision makers in South Africa and high light Danish commercial competencies. Danish ministers and the Danish Embassy will seek to open doors for Danish companies and promote Danish solutions to challenges faced by South Africa.

Specific attention will be paid to areas where Denmark has special knowledge and products to offer.

Particularly relevant sectors are:

  • Renewable energy, where Denmark has a lot of experience with especially wind energy and grid management.
  • The water sector, where Denmark has competencies within resource efficiency, treatment of water/waste water, which could benefit South Africa.
  • Agriculture and food, where there is potential for increased cooperation on food security, production and processing.
  • Infrastructure, where Danish companies could contribute to implementing South Africa‚Äôs vast plans for infrastructure development.
  • Waste management, where Denmark has experience with sustainable solutions.
  • Art, design and architecture, where Denmark has a long tradition for developing sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative solutions to consumer needs and in terms of city planning etc.


Read the strategy (only in Danish) by clicking the link below.

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